Ecoarc, is a group of skilled builders, dedicated to a harmonic construction, through the use of renewable
materials and energies in integrated designs.

For years we have been training workers of the local community to use renewable materials and cut down waste on building site. Our construction system uses wood from reforestation and as little as possible non renewable materials like steel and concrete.
We intended to bring up to date ecologic construction technics to the region by creating a Tropical Studies Center ( C.E.T. ), that would work as a long term monitoring facility, to be able to perform complete environmental studies on related projects.








Cristian Navarro Rivera

Architect incorporated at the "Colegio Fedrado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos de Costa Rica". After studying at the "Universidad de Costa Rica" and the "Universidad Autonoma de Central America", he graduated at "Universidad Central de Costa Rica".
He designed and built many houses as today, and nine gouvernemental projects. As a teacher he gave clases of graphics at the "Universidad del Valle", theory and design at the "Universidad Central de Costa Rica", and also has a chair at the "universidad Creativa", teaching artistic, architectural and computer drawing. His creative activity as a paintor got him national and international prices: "premio Marc Aurelio Aguilar de pintura,1995", "premio Brazil Arte,1996", "premio Habit Art, contemporary art,2002" showned at the MOMA in New York. He is part of the artistic group ARTEOLOGIA. It is possible to folow his ungoing work at:




Perceval Gay Spriet

Hands on learning Architect, with activities in Costa Rica, France, Germany, United States and Canada. Started Working at the age of 15 in an architect office in north Québec, and graduated from the "Collège St-Laurent" in mathematics and music. Then he went to study technical drawing at the "University of British Colombia", and was an ecological activist in the protest to save the last temporate rain forest of north america. After being acepted at "Frank Lloyd Wright school of architecture (Taliesin West)" , he went to be an aprentice in ARCOSANTI, learning to build and conceptualize from models to actual mega structures. He then went to Costa Rica to experience with bamboo, design and build an ecological house, being a prototype for an ecological village in the south pacific mountain range of Costa Rica. That lead him to build houses for several clients, and have a social activity in  the region. He's also part of the multi-media group called On,..