Tropical Study Center 

We created a facility for experimentation, monitoring and documentation of an ecologic housing project in Costa Rica.



Dedicated to find alternatives for sustainable ways of building and living in the tropics, involving architecture as well as agrology, biology, sociology, etc...


The academic center will offer seminars and workshop for under graduate and graduate students.

non-profit organisation


 Architecture Office 

Ecoarc, is a group of skilled designers and builders, dedicated to a harmonic construction, through the use of renewable materials and energies in integrated designs.

We are involved in ecologic architecture in Costa Rica for more then ten years.

Our office delivers all architectural , and construction services for complet projects.

natural geometry, organic design

Finding solutions for the "Urban Exodus"


A concept that we created after seeing the historical phases of "Rural Exodus", when populations fled from the country side to the cities in the time of the "Industrial Revolution". Now the one of the "Information Revolution", which makes it possible for populations to return to the less urbanised areas.

Our inspiration ranges from the developing ferns, alike butterflies coming out of their chrysalides, and the spherical conception of the universe of indigenous people, to high tech efficient intelligent eco-houses. We find alternatives for housing, making every construction unique. We use natural geometry, organic design and the Golden Mean proportion to integrate irregularities of the land, for the creation of a habitat of well being that grows naturally, using noble materials.

Also, we intend to replace the human being at the center of the architectural preoccupations, demystifying vernacular building technics and ancient knowledge, creating inhabited temples for human development. The organization was founded due to the meeting of two lovers of “bel oeuvre”, their friendship and complementarity leaded to a nine years work relationship.




we use a solar powered server and try to print as little material as possible, you can contact us and we will send you pdf files.

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